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Space career in NZ "a real opportunity"

  • North Island: East Coast

Rocket Lab boss says it’s a real opportunity now for New Zealander’s to pursue a space career.

CEO and Founder of the American-New Zealand aerospace company, Peter Beck, spoke to Kawe Kōrero Reporters about job opportunities with Rocket Lab.

He says, “As an industry, a space industry in New Zealand, we’re seeing that grow very rapidly.

“We’ve sponsored PhD courses down in Canterbury for quite some time but now we’re seeing Auckland University spill up a space programme.”

Beck says, “We hire about one or two [people] a week and have done for a long time now.

“And at any time we’ve probably got 30 or 40 positions open.

“It’s one of our biggest challenges actually, finding enough people.”

He says the bar is very high as Rocket Lab selects the best in the world to join their ranks.

Last year the Government set up the New Zealand Space Agency to enable space career opportunities.

Rocket Lab is now preparing for its second of three test launches this year and they aim to increase that to 50 launches per year.