South Auckland whānau complete unique financial literacy course

By Harata Brown
  • Auckland

Whānau members from South Auckland have completed a unique financial literacy course funded by the Commission for Financial Capability to enable whānau to better manage their finances.

South Auckland has been deemed as one of the poorest areas of NZ with many Māori and Pacific people residing in the area.  The six-week (Sorted Programme) was delivered to families who have affiliation to the Manukau Urban Māori Authority Services like Whānau Ora and the Te Kura Māori o Waatea charter school.

Peter Cordtz of Commision for Financial Capability says, "The community educational team that I am responsible for is at risk, financially vulnerable communities with becoming more financially capable and capabilities around unlocking the mysteries around money, and helping manage people's personal wealth better."

Although Mere Te Owai is a family budgeting advisor, she says the programme also helped her in terms of setting financial goals that include saving and budgeting.

She says, "It's just priceless, you become so empowered with the new knowledge, new techniques, the financial daily diary to carry in your purse, so you can monitor your spending and your overall budget.  You don't have to have somebody else managing your money."

The Sorted Programme is a pilot programme that aims to be delivered in more Māori and Pacific communities in the future.