Topic: Environment

Rotorua woman killed as tree falls on car

By Taroi Black
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

One person has died after a tree fell on a car and building in Rotorua this morning. It follows a powerful storm which has caused chaos across the country.

While emergency services worked to remove the woman's body from her car, Rotorua local Pam Vnn says, “Very sad for the families and the rescue people that have to go out to help. Very sad to hear that in Rotorua."

Also in Rotorua another vehicle was damaged from a fallen tree but no one was injured. Now Bay of Plenty Civil Defense is urging the public to avoid all unnecessary travel. 

Stavros Michael Civil Defense Emergency Manager for the Rotorua Lakes Council says, “From last night and the early hours of this morning, almost 200 people called in for assistance. The majority of those callers are related to trees falling down, power lines falling down as a result of fallen trees and some localized flooding.”

Australian Traveler Carol Newton says, “It's the same in Australia when we get the wild weather. We live in that kind of...the Southern Hemisphere it gets wild weather and we just live with it but very unlucky for the people who fall fell of it.”

Five flights have also been canceled in and out of Rotorua, while three flights out of Tauranga have been canceled causing mayhem for travelers. 

Christchurch resident Joanne Mawson says, “They’re all canceled, but I’m not sure on my one everyone apparently is trying to get on my flight because I’m already booked.  

Strong winds are expected to continue through the night so motorists are advised to take extreme caution.