Topic: Water

Residents are urged to conserve water in Bream Bay area

By Regan Paranihi
  • Northland

Residents of the Bream Bay area (all of Ruakaka, One Tree Point, and Waipu) who use the water supply from the Ruakaka Water Treatment Plant (WTP) are being urged to conserve as much water as possible for the next couple of days.

The water supply in the Ruakaka and the Waipu area come from two water treatment plants, the Ruakaka WTP, and the Ahuroa WTP.

The Ruakaka WTP takes water from the Wilsons Dam and the Ruakaka River.

While taking water from both sources last night, workers believe they may have upset the treatment processes at the plant.

As a result, the Whangarei District Council has advised the Ruakaka WTP to stop production while the problem is being investigated, which at this stage could take the rest of the day to bring the plant back to full production.

Residents are asked to avoid unnecessary water use, including watering gardens and playing with water outside.

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