#RepsForKai is taking Facebook by storm

By Wepiha Te Kanawa
  • Auckland

It's the newest social media challenge and it's all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

#RepsForKai is a 7-day health challenge on social media. The idea is that you do some form of exercise before you eat your meal and then post it up to social media.

It all started with Tauranga Moana break dancer Rush Wepiha's desire to help his people.

Wepiha is inspiring people around the world by using the hashtag #RepsForKai.

People are using the hashtag world-wide, including Christopher Dunston from Brooklyn, New York.

Dunston says, “I don't know tonnes about the Māori culture, but for me it symbolises the strength of the people of earning their food like a hunter. So for me it's a small equivalent to #RepsForKai, like earn what you are going to put in your body.”

Hundreds have already joined the movement and posted their videos on Facebook.

The hope is that one million people will back the #RepsForKai kaupapa. 

Te Kāea reporter Wepiha Te Kanawa will have more on this tonight at 5:30pm.