Recognition of Māori world view encouraged in Northlands health sector

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

Māori Health provider Te Rau Matatini says Māori focused health practices are the solution to address social issues Māori face in the region. It follows after the sudden deaths of 6 youth in the last month.

These are the front-line staff of social services who get out of bed at night to assist relatives in need.

Maria Baker from Te Rau Matatini says, “So the 8-5 sometimes where things really don't always happen it’s usually after hours.  So looking at who we've got within communities to see where’s  the skill set where’s the desire to do some different ways of working in different models of practice that actually work for our people for Māori.”

Elders say that mainstream needs to be open to a Māori worldview to address Māori social issues.

“Under the law, we're still not to use cultural practices to address the issue, and in the end, our people are in trouble and they can't move forward because they're burdened.  But we have the solutions,” says Pineaha Murray.

Police have confirmed there have been five sudden deaths in the past month. Former MP for the electorate Hone Harawira says bringing more police to the region is not the solution.

“Sending more police up here to arrest our people is not going to work. What's needed is assistance to address the social effect of methamphetamine, alcohol, and poverty.  We need help to deal with the effects of these issues,” says Hone Harawira from the Mana Party.