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Question to Ardern ‘inappropriate’ says Dame Tariana Turia

  • North Island: West Coast

Dame Tariana Turia disagrees with the male broadcasters who questioned Jacinda Adern's fertility rights.

This comes after Media Works broadcasters Jessie Mulligan from ‘The Project’ and Mark Richardson from ‘The AM Show’ both asked Ardern if she planned on having babies.

Dame Tariana spoke to Kawe Kōrero Reporters and says “it’s an inappropriate question”.

She says, “We don’t ask men that question. I see men as being equally responsible for their children. So the fact that we don’t ask men that question, why are we asking it of women?”

Dame Tariana says she did come across women who chose their careers over having children while she was in Parliament.

“I certainly recall a number of female MPs who did choose not to have children, mainly I think because of the amount of time given when you’re in politics – you are caught up in the daily grind of working for the people.”

However, Dame Tariana points out that there have also been female MP’s who have taken their babies into the house to breast feed them.