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Protect our water or sell it off? - New song questions Māori

By Taroi Black
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

A new song by three young Māori women from Whakatane aims to challenge Māori to protect Papatuānuku and recycle. The new single is called Ko Wai Koe.

Singer Ani Black says, “What if my ngahere (bush) Te Urewera disappeared?  What if te āo tauiwi came and took my water.

“I grew up going to the Te Urewera bush.  It gives my family prosperity.  The bush is a treasure to our family and to the Tūhoe Nation.”

The new single also includes Jess Walker and Te Aumihi Hapeta who made top three New Zealand Radio for Māori music for her song Tirama in 2015.  Ko wai koe was composed by Maraea Davies.  

Hapeta says, “It’s a great kaupapa to be a part of.  So, we’re very proud of that and especially Mātaatua. “

In Whakatāne, a Matariki concert around environmental issues was the focus of debuting their single. 

“With this waiata, I believe there is a strong message in there.  Are we prepared to protect our water or sell it off?” says Black.