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Prime Minister John Key will not be attending Waitangi

updated By Kimiora Kaire-Melbourne, Wikitōria Day
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John Key will not be attending Waitangi celebrations this year.

A statement from a spokesperson for the Prime Minister said "The Prime Minister's office has had no response to its letter sent to trustees at Te Tii Marae earlier today. Accordingly, the Prime Minister has decided he will not be celebrating Waitangi Day celebrations this year."

John Key is due to speak at a media conference shortly.

Yesterday John Key confirmed he would be going on to Te Tii Marae after receiving a letter from Ngāpuhi trustees discussing speaking rights on the marae.

Not long after, another letter was sent stating he was welcome on to the marae, however, he would only have the right to speak at a political hui hosted by Hone Harawira.

Earlier in the week, Ngāpuhi elders were divided over whether Prime Minister John Key should be welcomed onto Te Tii Marae. Leaders met in Watangi on Tuesday to discuss the issue. 

Key's decision to ditch Waitangi follows the signing of the TPPA today in Auckland where thousands turned out in full force in opposition to the TPPA.

Other MPs are still expected to attend tomorrow.

The Prime Minister's absence and the signing of the TPPA are likely to be discussed on Te Tii Marae.