Presence of women strong at Waitangi

By Maiki Sherman
  • Northland

Here at Waitangi today we've seen women rowing the waka, yesterday we saw women and their children take part in protest marches. And then even further back, history has recorded women also signed the Treaty.

Women front footed today’s protest march.

“Women have walked alongside the men on these issues for years. We each have our unique roles,” says Tui Shortland.

Women have carried their weight at Waitangi for decades, following in the footsteps of those women who signed the Treaty. 

“Women have a special place which compliments the men’s, we each have our own special roles,” says Hilda Harawira.

Whether it’s on the front line or the side-line, the search for healing continues.

Ms Shortland believes they have a right to express themselves, “We must stand strong and announce to the world that we don’t like what the government are doing.”

The voice of women has echoed throughout Waitangi for years and Mrs Harawira believes the voices of several women were heard today.