Police discover firearms in ceiling of South Auckland house

  • Auckland

Police have found a large number of firearms, including military-assault type weapons in the ceiling of a house in Takanini. An extensive methamphetamine production set-up in a South Auckland warehouse was also discovered. 

Search warrants were conducted yesterday as part of whats being labelled 'Operation Turbo' which looks into the manufacture and supply of methamphetamine. 

A 37-year-old was arrested on Thursday and will appear in court this morning on charges that include possession for manufacturing, possession for supply of methamphetamine, and unlawful possession of firearms.

Det Snr Sgt Lloyd Schmid says, “When our officers entered the apartment he’s alleged to have had a 9mm handgun next to his bed, a plastic container filled with half a kilo of freshly-made methamphetamine (worth as much as $500 000.00) and a bag with around $150 000.00 in cash.”

Soon after, the man was taken into custody.

Detectives gained entry into an industrial warehouse he was a part of in Wiri where they found a heavily-fortified building. 

Officers searched the property and discovered a hidden room comprising another clan lab with two firearms and ammunition laying on a bench.

Police are still at the scene this morning and a thorough examination of the property will continue throughout the day. 

At around 4pm on Thursday evening, the Operation Turbo team carried out a further search warrant on a residential home in Takanini.

Fourteen firearms, including AK47’s and M16’s were discovered, the majority of which were found in the ceiling.

“The fact that we’ve found such an elaborate meth set-up, as well as so many guns, will have organised crime at it’s roots.

Methamphetamine is a highly-valuable illegal drug, so with competition for market and the possibility of ‘rip offs’ there’s no doubt that firearms are a tool of trade if you’ve involved in the criminal world of manufacturing or dealing methamphetamine” says Schmid.

Further charges haven't yet been ruled out.