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No "rapists" amongst Kiwi detainees on Christmas Island

  • Wellington
  • Australia

A spokesperson for Justice Minister Amy Adams has confirmed that there are no "rapists" among the Kiwi detainees on Christmas Island according to advice provided to Justice Minister Amy Adams office by the Australian Government.

The Green Party is calling on the Justice Minister to release the full list of the reasons New Zealanders are imprisoned on Christmas Island, and for the Prime Minister to correct his statement that the detainees were “rapists and murderers”.

The spokesperson for Justice Minister clarified that they had not received any requests from the Greens to release any information so their latest statement was news to them.

This comes following a recent debate in the Chamber this week, where Prime Minister John Key had stated, "While you back the rapists, I'll back the New Zealanders," aimed at the Opposition.

In response, a number of female MPs including Nanaia Mahuta, Marama Davidson and Poto Williams were ordered to leave the chamber following their statements which included their personal experiences as victims of abuse.


Co-leader of the Green Party, Metiria Turei, remained in the Chamber to speak on behalf of those who were ordered to leave by the Speaker of the House, David Carter, "...and many others," according to Marama Davidson's tweet.

The uproar has come about following the recent riots and fear for safety of Kiwi detainees being held on Christmas Island in Australia, with the detainees and their families reaching out to the New Zealand Government for help.

The Māori Party has also criticised the government over the Christmas Island detainees' debacle, specifically ex-Kiwi soldier Ko Rutene.

Māori MPs Marama Fox and Kelvin Davis have made the trip to Christmas Island in person to visit these detainees in an effort to further along their hope for resolution, including their deportation to return to New Zealand.

The Speaker has since said that he can not ask the Prime Minister for an apology.