Topics: Education, Te Reo Māori

Native Affairs - Keeping Te Reo Māori Alive

By Renee Kahukura-Iosefa
  • North Island: East Coast

A kura kaupapa Māori in the Kahungugnu region is determined to revitalise Te Reo Māori.

Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Parehuia in Mahia is the first total immersion Maori school in the small seaside community and has 12 students.

“The school was established for the sake of our children. So that our language does not diminish so that the cultural traditions of our ancestress Rongomaiwahine are not lost. We need this to live on within each of us,” says principal Miriama Ainsley.

”There has been a united force from those of us who are passionate and determined to ensure that our language and cultural traditions of Rongomaiwahine survives.”

“We are battling to ensure our language survives for the sake of our tribe. If we don't then we will have no foundation, no benefits for our children and generations to come.”

The kura has recently celebrated its first year.