Topic: Waitangi

National's absence from Waitangi hot topic with Opposition

By Heta Gardiner
  • Northland

Politicians were welcomed onto Te Tii Marae, but John Key's and the National Party's absence was the hot topic.  Labour and the Greens were welcomed on today, and both weren't scared to throw stones at the government's no-show.  

The faces of Parliament arrived at Waitangi.

But the glaring omission?  The Government. 

Hone Harawira says, "I say to the Prime Minister, don't be intimidated and useless.  If you want to lead this country, you should come to Waitangi."

This was the day for all the politicians on Te Tii Marae.  The Greens were the first to step up followed by Labour.

But the Prime Minister decided yesterday that he would enter the marae.  

The Prime Minister also tied the hands of his ministers, giving them the directive that if he's not going to attend, then his soldiers must follow. 

Hekia Parata says, "The Prime Minister gave me that directive, so I didn't attend.  But I am still at Waitangi."

John Key stated that rain or shine, he would return to Waitangi every year.  Some are throwing stones saying that he has broken his promise. 

Harawira adds, "I remember when he was lecturing Helen Clark for not going, and now he's following suit."

Nanaia Mahuta says, "He said he would come back every year, no matter the ups and downs.  He hasn't honoured his word."

And the hits kept coming. 

Marama Davidson reckons , "He's a cry baby!"

This is the first time in his tenure as Prime Minister that John Key has avoided Te Tii Marae.