Mourners bid final farewell to Sir Graham Latimer

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

Today around 200 people attended the funeral of Sir Graham Latimer at Te Paatu marae in Northland, before he was laid to rest at Tarakaka urupa in Pamapuria.

It was a day for stories about Sir Graham.

Maanu Paul says, “I have known this man for 48 years and in that time..ooh about 60% of it we agreed.”

The congregation was told that Sir Graham knew he had to create tension to force change for his people.

Hone Harawira says, “Sir Graham called us so we went around to see him, didnt know what for.  He said, ‘When your boys create trouble it gets in all the media everybody notices and the Prime Minister will ring me up and say, Graham what’s going on.  I get to go and see the Prime Minister.  I tell him don't listen to them but this is really what we want to do this is how you fix things".  And we're going yeah yeah and? He goes, "So I haven't had a call from the Prime Minister for quite some time, get out on the streets and cause some more trouble".

While hundreds have paid their respects to Sir Graham this week, today around two hundred mourners attended his funeral service and journey to his final resting place.

Hekenukumai Puhipi says, “I hope the proverb that when one leader falls another leader rises is realised.  We need strong faith there is another leader like him amongst us.”

Sir Graham is now being laid to rest with his true love.