Mother loses court battle to bring deceased son home

  • Australia

A Māori mother has lost a court battle to her estranged ex-partner over whether to bring their son back to New Zealand.

Both the parents of Pono Wairua Aperahama, a 17-year-old who died at an Australian swimming pool in October cited Maori culture in their court battle this week over whether he should be buried in New Zealand or cremated in Australia. 

However, this afternoon the New South Wales Supreme Court ruled in favour of the father's wish to have the son cremated in Australia.

The mother, Te Rina Abraham, spoke to Kawekōrero Reporters via Skype from Sydney, Australia.

“I’m shattered,” said Abraham.

“I’ve flown from New Zealand here to Australia thinking that I was just going to pick my son up. And it didn’t happen that way.”

Through tears, Abraham spoke fondly of her son.

“He was tuturu (true) to his name,” said Abraham.

“He was a happy-go-lucky person. He was cheeky. Everything he did in life, he did it a hundred and ten per cent. And gave his everything.”