More hits to come for Maimoa Music

By Online News - Rereātea
  • Auckland

A Facebook video of up-and-coming young Māori artists singing a cover of John Legend’s song “It don’t have to change” has gone viral.

After being posted on the Maimoa Music Facebook page last night, the video has gained more than 64k views.


The Maimoa Music group, best known for their hit song Maimoatia, is made up of 12 artists; Pere Wihongi, Tawaroa Kawana, Puawai Taiapa, Hoeata Maxwell-Blake, Mereana Teka, Awatea Wihongi, Nathaniel Howe, Raniera Blake, Makaira Berry, Te Awhina Kaiwai-Wanikau, Metotagivake Shmidt-Peke, Kia Kaaterama Kiri-Pou.

In an interview on Kawe Kōrero Reporters, the artists hinted to new songs in the works.

Tawaroa Kawana says, “We're absolutely stoked. We're on a high at seeing the results. Our focus now is to compose some new songs for the fans.”

When posting the video, the artists did not expect such an overwhelming response.

Pere Wihongi says it is just a sneak peak of what is yet to come.

“You need to know, we didn't think the impact or the reaction on Facebook would be this great. We just wanted to open the doors of Maimoa Music so the world could see our jam sessions.

 “We're not limited to only English and Māori. We're also looking at Spanish, but more importantly, it's about showcasing to the world our singing skills, and also encouraging our young generation to follow their dreams,” says Wihongi.

While the group are not restricting themselves to singing in Māori alone, Wihongi says their main focus will always be te reo Māori.

"Maimoa's goal is to deliver our language through our songs that we have recorded in the studio,” says Wihongi.

“For those online, we want to put our music out there first. However, Maimoa's main focus is ensuring our Māori music is heard in homes throughout the country. This is only the beginning.”

When presenter Kawe Roes prompted the group for more details on their new music, Wihongi said, "If you like the Maimoa Music page, you can get more details about it there first. We're remaining tight-lipped at the moment because we have so much to do. However, head to our Facebook page and you'll find all the action coming up soon.”

Maimoa Music are currently staying together for 3 weeks as a part of a new series for Choice Television, which goes to air in late July this year.

If you’re wanting to keep up to date with Maimoa Music, follow their facebook page here.