Meth tester: Govt on right track

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

Hawke's Bay Meth Testing say that the findings of residential meth studies are not a surprise and that the government is on the right track. 

The report points to the huge clean-up costs for homeowners, landlords and the State - often based on low levels of meth that pose little or no actual risk to humans.

"We might not get as many jobs, the demand might go down a little bit, but testing is still going to happen.  It might affect the decontamination people more, that they might drop off significantly but as far as testers go, we're still going to be testing the houses," says Neville Pettersson of Meth Testing Hawke's Bay.

Pettersson says the report raises questions about what the standard testing criteria will be in the future.

"It hinges on whether it's going to be 15mg per sample or 1.5mg for a meth lab.  One of them is 10 times as high if it's just been smoked, at 15mg.  It's 'what is the criteria going to be?'.  What are they going to say counts as a meth lab or whether it's just been smoked because we can't tell," he says.

Looking ahead the report suggests implementing guidelines to support landlords and accrediting testers to create trust in their testing protocols.