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Metal band grind raupatu theme in new release

By Peata Melbourne
  • Auckland

Raupatu is the latest hit single to come from thrash metal band sensation, Alien Weaponry. It's only the second release from the trio who made history taking out both the Rockquest and Pacifica Beats contests last year. Our reporter Peata Melbourne visited the band in their hometown of Waipū to find out more about what sparks the socio-political themes behind the bands' songs.

Thrash metal, reo Māori, and land conquests sum up Alien Weaponry's latest hit

Henry Te Reiwhati de Jong says, “It's a way for us to explore our whakapapa and to improve our reo. We write about is things we feel strongly about and we have a strong opinion or they make us feel strong emotions.”

Their newest single 'Raupatu' explores Government confiscation of Māori land in the 1800s. 

Lewis Raharuhi de Jong says, “It's kind of a topic that people are kind of scared to touch base on they're scared that they're gonna cause controversy and I think there are a lot of unjust actions that have happened in the New Zealand wars.”

In odd twist perhaps, their musical heroes include Che Fu and Hinewehi Mohi, but no one has had an influence quite like de Jong's father

Henry says, “Always when they were little when we were driving somewhere and he'd point out all these land marks and say guess what happened there boys and he'd tell us the story.”

They can't read music nor do they understand musical keys

Lewis says, "If someone said can you play 'd' I'd be like 'what? I can't play d'.”

For now they're working on getting a song on cannibalism released, but fans can expect an album by the end of the year.