McDonalds returns to the 1970's

  • Auckland

McDonalds today celebrated 40 years in business in NZ.  For today only their Queen Street store in Auckland returned to 1970 where their prices for their burgers were under-one dollar.

Simon Kenny, communication manager for McDonalds said that for one day they wanted to transform one restaurant to the time they first opened in 1976.

“It’s a way to thank our customers”, says Kenny.

McDonalds is the largest quick service restaurant company in NZ, customers who made it to the mid-Queen Street McDonalds were treated to a 1970's theme with the original menu, uniforms and prices.

Gail Hotene stood in line for over two hours but says “it was worth it our whole purchase for over 15 burgers was only 12 dollars.

With 167 stores in NZ, McDonalds could only choose one site for this promotion, “we

serve one and a half million people a week so a lot of people come to McDonalds today was about having a little fun, around the rest of the country we are giving everyone who comes in a big mac voucher as a little birthday present from us to them”, says Kenny.

From 10am to 2pm customers lined up for a walk down memory lane and the verdict from one young customer was that it was worth it!