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Maranga Station take on the big boys of farming

  • Northland

Maranga Station, a family-owned farming operation just out of Gisborne, has proven they've got what it takes to go up against the big boys of farming after being named a finalist in the Ahuwhenua Trophy Awards.

“It's a very humbling experience it's something definitely that we're not used to, but it's good to showcase something that you've worked hard to get,” says farm owner Marty Charteris

It's been 20 years of hard work, but Marty and his wife Janice have been able to transform the sheep and beef property into a highly successful farming operation.

“Their stock, their financial performance is right up there in top 20% and the farm is looking great shape,” says Ahuwhenua Trophy Chairman Kingi Smiler.

Janice Charteris says it’s been a great experience to get to where they are and has taken a lot of team work.

Smiler says it’s the first time since the 1990s that individual families have been named finalists.

“That's a good thing to see that they can compete with the big incorporations which have been the final winners in the last 10 years virtually all of them have been from the incorporations,” says Smiler.

The couple are one of three finalists this year, with a winner to be announced at the awards night on May 29.