Māori resident in Perth says the fires came swiftly

By Wepiha Te Kanawa
  • Australia

The suburbs of Forrestfield, Kenwick and Wattle Grove in Perth, Australia were all under threat following a bush fire that demolished everything in its path.

Images captured by Australia's 9 News yesterday show a Kenwick home's roof ripped away by the heat. Storage tanks were also destroyed.

Wendy Tahu-Edwards who was working in Forrestfield, says the fires came swiftly. 

“We were talking to the fire fighters that were waiting just in case it had flared up again. At the moment it's 29 degrees and it's climbing so they are worried about the fires starting again.”

Fire and emergency services have confirmed the fire has been contained and controlled.

Wendy adds, “I was just talking to some fire fighters, they were on stand-by just in case it started up again because of the heat, because it's a bit like heat, it's still burning.”

Emergency services in Perth say people need to stay alert and monitor their surroundings. They say people should watch for signs of smoke and flames.