Maori rapper defends use of explicit lyrics

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A Māori rapper is defending the use of his lyrics, which reports say pertain to stalking and killing women.

Nathan King, aka Derty Sesh, says the lyrics in his music are being used as entertainment, and are not a reflection of his beliefs.

King told Te Kāea the explicit lyrics in his music is just pure entertainment, “It is like that’s why I do it, if you're a hip hop fan or a music fan in general you will know the word bitch and hoes is used a million times.

The 20-year-old, who is the son of Comedian Mike King, says his music isn't a reflection of his beliefs.

“If you're talking rap and hip hop those words are just normal to use but if you're talking to Nathan like when I’m at home no way, we don't say those words around the house anyway cause I have a daughter,” says King

In 2010, the video for his song, Forever, was pulled from YouTube. Reports said the video depicted the stalking and killing of a woman. Anti-violence groups called for the taxpayer funded video to be banned from television.

King says “I wrote that song in 2008 then it came out in 2010 that was just you being influenced by rappers that you like. That song sounds like a wanna be Eminem song that was what it was influenced by it has no… I have no judgement against women or anything like that it just kind of came around sounding like that.”

According to King, he no longer receives taxpayer funding to produce his music so he funds it all himself.

Te Kaea, asked King, “Do you worry that the lyrics may have an effect on some young people?

“Not from me as an artist because I don’t talk about going out there and stabbing people or shooting people. That all just falls back on parenting to be honest that's the parent’s job that's not our job. I’m a parent and I make sure I filter what I can for my kids just as much as they should with theirs,” says King.

King is currently working on releasing new singles and hopes to be approached to work with other artists around the world.

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