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Māori find success in booming barber industry

  • Auckland

Barbering is etching its way into the multi-billion dollar hair and beauty industry and Māori are cutting in on the success.

The hair and beauty industry in New Zealand and Australia combined is worth $15bil a year and 1,000 salons have opened across New Zealand over the last five years alone.

With 22 franchises, Technical Director of Barber Shop Co, Lesa Rua says barbering services are becoming more popular with men.

“You can see at the moment, there is a big surge in men's grooming. Men want to look good.”

Manager of Auckland’s Carve Barbershop, Rawiri Douglas, says it’s a great time to be in the business of cutting men's hair.

“[Men] want to look fresh and I think it’s a part of their vanity - and we want to encourage that vanity because we want people to look presentable, we want people to look sharp.”

He’s only been cutting hair for five years but Douglas says it’s a trade he’s been able to progress fast in.

“You could potentially make beyond 40-50,000 a year as a barber,” he says.