Topic: Tā moko/Kirituhi

Mahuta is disappointed a man was refused entry to a restaurant due to his facial moko

By Maiki Sherman
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

The MP for Huaraki-Waikato is upset following a constituent of hers being refused entry to this eatery on the basis of his facial tamoko.

John Lawrenson is the manager of Keystone.  He is disappointed at the refusal.  John Lawrenson has now implemented a policy in all 13 of his businesses.

A number of well-known Māori have moko, including the Māori Language Commission CEO, Glenis Barbara-Phillip, and the latest Dame, Nganeko Minhinnick.  However, despite its commonplace, it continues to be discriminated against - including at the employment level.

In the past three years, 13 discrimination claims have been lodged with the Human Rights Commission on the basis of tamoko. The good news perhaps is that number has decreased over time.