Macy Gray tells New Zealand to keep arts in schools

By Heeni Brown
  • Auckland

Raggamuffin kicked its event off with international acts Inner Circle, hip hop 90s sensation Wu Tang Clan and grammar award winning singer Macy Gray.

For Macy Gray, outside of her music she says education is a firm topic she holds dear to her heart.

Gray says "I don't know about here but in the States well they're making cuts, first cuts go to education and when they cut education the first thing they cut is the Arts programme."

"You got to expose kids to options you know there's just so much you can do in the world you know and if all you get taught is that all you have is school, then you don't excel in that, then you feel lost so then kids, they never get to become successful and they will never you know they'll never be given the opportunity to find something they could be successful at."

Thousands flocked the Waitakere Sports stadium stage in anticipation for headlining acts and despite Gray's 15 hour flight to get to the event she still had time to push her agenda on education.

Gray says, "Fight to keep Arts in schools because I think kids need an alternative, because not everyone isn't an A student and a mathematician and have an interest in science so when they say they're good trumpet players, they can play piano, even sports I just think that you have to have an alternative to academics because they aint wired to excel in that."

"There are some kids who are going to grow up and be a doctor but there are some kids who are not interested and aren't good at science and math and not cause they're stupid or they're dumb but just cause they're not so I think you just have to acknowledge and encourage kids cause if they feel like that's all they can do well in that, then they feel like they failed, so I think it's important to find what a kid is passionate about and what they're natural at and what they're good at because everybody has that you know."

She says this attitude also needs to be adopted here in New Zealand.