'Lomu uncorked a bottle of Tongan aspiration' says community leader

By Ripeka Timutimu
  • Auckland

The South Auckland Pacific community reflect on Jonah Lomus contribution to their community. 

Community leader Tavake Afeaki has known Lomu since he was a teenager and both of them affliate to the island of Ha'apai in the Kingdom of Tonga.

“The Lomu family are one of many families who bred for warrior prowess, for size, and for alliances, like we did for Māori, but Tongans bred for size” says Mr Afeaki.

Lomu’s self-determination saw him quickly rise through the ranks, an aspiration Tavake says has influenced so many Pacific children in South Auckland, “He uncorked this bottle of Tongan aspiration to a whole new level of accessibility to opportunities and careers, to exciting adventures.”

Funeral arrangements for Lomu will be finalised in the next two days.