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Lingynoiid – social media’s answer to everyday struggles

  • Australia

A young Māori mother has become an online sensation by giving advice through social media satire.

With more than 60,000 Facebook followers, Alisha Samuel known online as 'Lingynoiid' is a young Mum living in Australia who is taking Facebook and the internet by storm with her videos to help solo parents and couples with relationship advice on the internet.

'Lingynoiid' spoke to Kawekōrero Reporters via Skype from her home in Perth, Australia.

“I was a solo mother for five years,” Lingynoiied said.

“A lot of laughter has helped me through times of struggle. So I wanted to help others find their laughter in times of darkness and depression and all that stuff.”

Lingynoiid says she grew up with a comical sense of humour and it naturally comes through when she creates her videos.

“I just thought putting a comical twist on every day struggles, on relationships, it makes things a little bit lighter. So to speak. Laughter always helps in times of hardship. I just like to put a little twist on things like that, that are serious.”