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Leopard seal killed on Northland west coast

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  • Northland
Image: Google Maps

A Leopard seal was shot in the face on a Dargaville beach near Glinks Gully in Northland late Friday or early Saturday morning.

Sea Shepherd is offering $5000 for any information on who may have been involved in the shooting.

"The killing has upset a lot of people. Our shores should be a place of refuge for such beautiful marine creatures and we are so lucky they visit us. We hope the reward will motivate someone to do the right thing and get this disturbed wildlife killer locked up" says Sea Shepherd NZ Managing Director Michael Lawry.

This incident has locals and conservationists fuming as Leopard seals are protected under the Wildlife Act and the Marine Mammals Act.

The seal was known to visit New Zealand shores often, especially the east coast.

The person responsible for this incident could face up to two years imprisonment and fines of up to $250,000.