Lack of respect at Manukau cemetery

By Harata Brown
  • Auckland

The Auckland Council is warning the public to stop driving over loved one's in a South Auckland cemetery as some motor vehicles are damaging grave sites.

The cemetery is usually the final resting place of a loved one, but council member Alf Filipaina says there's more unrest than rest here.

"People are actually driving over our loved ones who are laid to rest here and that's wrong," says Alf Filipaina, Councilor for the Manukau Ward.

The Auckland Council is investigating multiple reports of damaged grave sites at the Manukau Memorial Gardens. Earlier this week, reports picture vehicles in the cemetery and tyre marks are still seen today. 

Filipaina is asking cemetery visitors to show be considerate, “Be respectful, be careful, because there are loved ones buried here. We don’t want people to end up riding over or even getting close to some of the head stones.”

Hoons are also being blamed for driving at speed and doing burnouts here on these roads.

"The burn outs, some of the people visiting their loved ones are doing burnouts and we are saying don't cause does cost us to remove the burn outs," says Filipaina.

Filipaina hopes that the public will be more considerate at the cemetery. He warns that if this type of behaviour continues, the financial liabilities may lie with those who choose to bury their loved ones here.