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Labour give pre-budget economic address

By Heta Gardiner
  • Auckland

Labour delivered its pre-budget address at a breakfast this morning, outlining their main priorities for the economy. This comes before the budget announcement next week.

Andrew Little and his finance spokesperson Grant Robertson spoke about the party's economic vision. Not surprising, housing was one of the main issues discussed. However, they also had a strong economic focus on investing in people. 

Little says, “None of us would invite 20 people over for dinner if we didn't have 20 chairs for them to sit on. Well right now our cities don't have enough chairs.”

This is Labour's last major economy address before the budget. This comes after National addressed the same audience in a pre-budget announcement last week.

“We have to invest in our people's health, in their education, in jobs for young people, and in homes for families to live,” says Little.

They've also stayed true to their approach of focusing on people.

Little says, “In New Zealand today we still have over 90,000 young people not in any kind of education, employment, or training - up 41% since National came to office.”

They are also wary of the impact inflation will have on the poor.

Grant Robertson says, “When inflation gets out of hand it's the poorest people that are effected the most.”

Labour continued their push that they will provide the country with a new approach and new ideas.

Little says, “I'm ready and Labour is ready to provide fresh thinking on the economy.”

The budget will be released on May 25.