Karakia celebrates latest Owen Dippie mural "Hine"

  • Auckland

Downtown Auckland has just been given a splash of paint with a giant mural up to three storeys high peering out beside a busy motorway.

But it's not just the size that captivates the public, it's the interesting subject matter snapped by Artist Owen Dippie featuring a Māori woman wearing a tā moko.

A karakia took place today for the mural today, with Tania Cotter, the subject of the art work, and her whānau also in attendance. The karakia was conducted by Tania's Tā moko artist, Stu McDonald.

Tania Cotter is a good friend to Owen Dippie, who has been wanting to do a mural of Tania for 3 years.  That dream has finally been realised. The mural was done free of charge for all to enjoy and appreciate.

The mural can be seen at 30 Upper Queen st, Auckland.