Topic: Environment

Kaitiaki Kiwi aims to boost kiwi population to former levels

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

Increasing the population of kiwi in Waipoua Forest is the aim of Kaitiaki Kiwi.  It's a collaboration between Te Roroa iwi and the community to boost the kiwi population to its former levels.

Megan Topia of Kaitiaki Kiwi says, “We are aiming to create a kiwi protection area within the Waipoua Forest and boost survival rates of the kiwi chicks and the adults and hopefully the survival will outweigh mortality and we'll get dispersal into the surrounding areas so that will help repopulate areas all in the Waipoua.”

Local iwi Te Roroa are passionate about seeing their tamariki being upskilled in the work that's needed.

Heeni Matiu of Kaitiaki Kiwi believes, “It's great today what they're doing to care and assist the kiwi and teaching the next generation.”

The current kiwi life expectancy is only 11 years.  Kaitiaki Kiwi believe that by accomplishing their goal to rid 8000 hectares of forest pests, the life expectancy of the kiwi will rise again to 50 years.