Kahungungu youth want to take hold of their education

  • North Island: East Coast

Some of the best business heads in Kahungunu have come together to power up the Māori economy in Hawke's Bay. Growth, that the youth believe, will come through growing with the digital age.

The Hawke's Bay has a population of some 150,000 people and Takitimu want to see its Māori economy booming.

Ngahiwi Tomoana, Chairman, Ngāti Kahungunu Inc says, “The youth reckon we need to "Beyonce Up" everything to do with our economy, everything from enterprise to business because it can be boring for them.”

Shayne Walker from Maunga Haruru Tangitū told Te Kaea, “The youth are our leaders of tomorrow. We want to support them along better paths and to gain as much knowledge as they can to help themselves.”

It's the first He Kai Kei Aku Ringa gathering hosted in the region by Te Ōhanga o Takitimu. It's a forum to engage and develop ideas.

Melissa Raharuhi of Datacom says, “I think that we need to take more hold on our education, upskill and get ready for the digital age so we can avoid job losses when automation takes those jobs away.”

“My parents told me about this and I just thought it would be a good idea to come and listen to some real inspiring people maybe take a page out of what they're saying,” says student Vita Tomoana.

Its national strategy is about getting Māori into better jobs, better pay and better living standards.

Student Roshan Uelese says, “I personally think that everyone has the same opportunity we have just as much of a chance to get a job just as much as someone else.”

It's all about building momentum, getting people interested in business and excited about a brighter future in the region.