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Iwi to work with govt on Mt Albert KiwiBuild project

  • Auckland

The Tāmaki Collective is in dialogue with the government about their part in the urban housing development project at the Unitec Mount Albert Campus.

The land purchased by the government will see three to four thousand homes built in the next ten years.

Under the terms of the Tāmaki Makaurau Treaty settlement, when developing government-owned land, the government must provide iwi with the opportunity to take part in the development.  

There are eleven iwi listed under the Tāmaki Collective as having interests in Mt Albert and their part in the development of the Mount Albert KiwiBuild project is yet to be decided.

Housing minister Phil Twyford says, "We're working directly with the officials to work out how we can ensure that Māori get their fair share of KiwiBuild.

"One of the ways is shared equity.  Another possibility is Māori organisations working directly with families on financial literacy and saving to help them get into the space that they can take on home ownership".

Māori home ownership rates have dropped to 27% which is about half that of the general population. 

Tywford told Te Kāea that, of the thirty to forty thousand homes being built at Mount Albert, around 40% will be affordable KiwiBuild homes for first home buyers, ranging in price between five and six hundred thousand dollars.

He also says that the government is looking at including rent-to-buy options.

"It's a tough market and we're doing everything we can to drive house prices down and make home ownership more available to New Zealanders, particularly to Māori.  We are determined to make sure Māori get the benefits of KiwiBuild."

The government aims to deliver 100,000 affordable homes for first home buyers over the next ten years,  50,000 of which will be in Auckland.