Topic: Christmas

Helping whānau in need this christmas

By Renee Kahukura-Iosefa
  • Auckland

With only three weeks left until the Christmas, Variety Charity has already kicked off their programme helping families in need during this time of the year. Almost 3000 children benefit from Variety's Kiwi Kids Sponsorship programme.  Variety advocate Stacey Morrison says it's not just about presents but what is most important is helping others in need.

Helping others in need is what the Kiwi Kids Sponsorship programme is all about run free of charge by Variety Charity and The Warehouse.

Mother Koa Muriwai says, “We've got six children together that are at school and just to have this help and support the kids get one present each when there’s is six of them and they really appreciate it they really do.”

“The benefits of this programme is seen in the children they are happy and thankful that someone else has taken the time to help them,” says Morrison.

Almost 3000 children throughout New Zealand benefit from the Variety Kiwi Kids sponsorship programme.

Executive General Manager for The Warehouse Group Community Paul Walsh says, “Together Variety and The Warehouse are able to help 1700 families where they might really struggling to provide for their kids with what we all enjoy at Christmas time and if we can make a difference to families at Christmas time that is what it is all about.”

Over the coming weeks the Kiwi Kids gift boxes will be distributed to their families throughout New Zealand.

“If we can help others in need at this time, if we are just wasting our money on things like alcohol or other things and we can help great programmes like this for our children to enjoy,” says Morrison.