Topics: Environment, Water Safety, Weather

Heavy rain causes flooding in Otago

By Taroi Black
  • South Island

Heavy rain, flooding and snow has dampened the spirit of some in the Otago and Southland region.

Mentoring and Orientation Coordinator Kelly Ann Tahitahi sent Te Kaea a video of the flooded Owheo (Leith) River at Otago University.

A low has been sitting off the east coast of the South Island, just off the coast of North Otago which has been generating cold and moist south easterlies.

The Met Service Communication Meteorologist Lisa Merrie says, “over the last 24 hours we’ve had over 60mm of rain for the Dunedin city”. However Met Service advised Te Kāea that families shouldn’t worry because heavy rain is gradually dissipating

Images of surface flooding in Otākou were provided by Natalie Karaitiana.

An Otākou residence told our reporter Taroi Black that flooding is flowing into local homes because there aren’t any ordinary drains to prevent surface flooding. “It is a concern to some residents, because there’s been a number of years of residents approaching the Otago Regional Council and asking for assistance, or will they consider putting in ordinary drains alongside the road so that the water can be channeled away down to a culvert down the far end of the road, but won’t reach there unless we manipulate it."