Harper's Little Auction raises awareness and funds for muscular dystrophy

  • Wellington

Five-year-old Harper Ahern from Ngāti Tamaoho was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy last year. With no known cure, Harper's family are determined to give him the best quality of life possible

This little fighter is Harper Ahern, he suffers from Deuchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a rare muscle condition that affects 0.03% of males at birth, there is no cure.

Harper’s mother Trish Ahern says, "It's really hard to hear news like there is no cure because as a mother and a father you desperately want to fix anything for your children."

Harper's Aunty Emma Ahern took it upon herself to organise a fundraiser to ensure the family can give him the best quality of life possible.

"You just want to reach out and help as much as you can and Dion's my little brother so I feel really responsible and want to help them so much."

Harper's Little Auction Raised around $30,000 last night, with some of the funds going to Muscular Dystrophy New Zealand.

Harper’s dad Dion Ahern says, "For Harper, the funds that we do raise I know they will go towards enabling his dreams in the future."

Emma Ahern says, "It's about lots of little kids that get this news and their families get this news it would just be horrible so we want to keep helping people if we can."

Muscular Dystrophy New Zealand have asked the Ahern family to continue running auction which is now an annual event, raising funds and awareness for Muscular Dystrophy in New Zealand.