Green Party launch Māori campaign

By Ani-Oriwia Adds
  • Wellington

While the last three weeks have been a political whirlwind for Metiria Turei and the Green Party she is confident with the Māori vote as this election campaign is its strongest ever presence in Māori politics

Turei says “We have more Māori Greens than ever in the top twenty of our list. I'm really excited to get most if not all of that top 20 into parliament on the current numbers it’s really exciting”

The "Commitments" announced at the Party's Māori campaign launch today will address the ongoing Te Tiriti breaches

Turei says “We've always opposed the large natural groupings, we've always said full and final was wrong and that they were always deals that favoured the crown over iwi Māori but they had no choice really not to expect them. We’ve never pulled it together as a full package. We are now the only political party that is putting Te Tiriti issues on the table”

Tūrei announced on Friday that she would not be a member of a Labour-Green cabinet if one was formed after September's general election.

“Im very hopeful that we will hold because I think more and more New Zealanders are saying it’s not good enough that we have a welfare system that is like this and all of the exposure as awful as it has been personally has been showing how that actually works for people.”

Turei says that this year they will be campaigning hard for the party vote from Maori voters which she says will elect more Māori Green MPs and change the government.