Good news for Kiwis living in Australia

By Heta Gardiner
  • Northland
  • South Island
  • Australia

Today the PM John Key met with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney to discuss the relationship between the two Trans-Tasman nations. A new policy has been announced, allowing New Zealanders to pursue permanent residency. However, this law does not apply to those who haven't already arrived.

It’s been a long awaited announcement. 

“There is a new policy, allowing New Zealanders to seek permanent residency,” says Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull.

This is great news for New Zealanders living in Australia, because now, they'll have the ability to get permanent residency if they have resided in Australia for five years.

New Zealand PM John Key is celebrating the announcement, “I think this is a great win for New Zealand.”

But it isn't all positive for everyone. This new policy won't apply to people who haven't already arrived.

“We will continue to advocate for the ability to have permanent residency, moving forward forever,” says Key.

The detention centre at Christmas Island was also talked about, but to no avail. 

“These rules apply to everyone not just New Zealand,” says Turnbull.

But in the end, this wasn't just a 'chat-fest'. There are tangible benefits for New Zealanders living in Australia.