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Gizzy lunch charity trying to fill empty mouths

  • North Island: East Coast
Gizzy Lunches - Photo / File

Gizzy School Lunches Charitable Trust based in Gisborne is fulfilling a need in their area, by giving lunches to school children who wouldn't normally have anything to eat and the demand is growing.

Over 1,400 lunches a week are destined for hungry school children but they aren't free.

The co-ordinator of Gizzy School Charitable Trust, Huia White says, "It costs them for a family of three $7 a week. It costs Gizzy School Lunches to make those sandwiches $24 a week."

They say that paying for it removes any embarrassment or stigma for the child.

White also says a lot of children weren't going to school on Mondays and Fridays and were kept home a lot because there was no food for them to actually take any lunches.

The financial shortfall is made up through fundraising with every person volunteering their time.

White says they started two years ago feeding 20 children and now cater to 222, but still doesn't believe they are actually getting many of the ones being kept at home.

The charity is currently in 22 schools and have around 50 volunteers involved throughout any given week.