Gastro Bug forces school closure

By Te Ao Māori News
  • North Island: West Coast

Students of Whanganui City College have been asked to stay home today as a gastro bug hits 20 of the 32 staff members.

Since 6am today teachers from Whanganui City College have been calling in sick with similar symptoms; vomiting and diarrhoea.

Principal Peter Kaua told Te Kāea that Student Management began notifying parents of the situation via text and email at 7am.

Mr Kaua said the cause of the outbreak is unknown.  He joked that it could have been "something the staff ate together in the staff room yesterday while he and senior leaders of WCC took Whanganui Intermediate on a river trip.”

A parent told Te Kāea they had received a text message from Student Management at 7:53am saying, “Kia ora. We have huge numbers of staff out with a horrible gastro bug. Please keep your students at home today. This is not a joke. Whanganui City College.”

Of the 378 students, only one student has been reported sick.

Remaining staff are running classes in the library where students who can’t stay home have access to computers.

They will reassess the situation on Sunday.