FunFest brings summer fun to low-income families

  • Auckland

The nineteenth annual FunFest is breaking down barriers for families who can't afford to take their kids to theme parks and carnivals during the Summer break.

There's a whole lot of fun being had at this years Auckland FunFest. It's a full theme park experience minus the huge costs.

"There are not many things for free provided for families out there, maybe just the beach but a cool thing like this especially at the beginning of the year is awesome for the kids."

"Usually parents can't afford it but I love this."

Event Manager Doug Te Moni says the festival has had a generational impact on Aucklanders, giving low-income families something to look forward to each year.

"Funfest has been the annual event for tens of thousands of whānau through the generations so parents that were youngsters ten years ago they're now bringing their kids through."

One attendee says, "We've been coming here since we were nine years old."

The Trillion Trust has been funding the event for the past nineteen years with funds raised going towards the Kidz First Children's Hospital and The Rising youth foundation.

Te Moni says, "Last year, for example, we were able to donate $40,000 towards Kidz First Hospital so we try to make it a win-win situation for everybody the families involved and also the charities and organisations we support."

The event will continue through the weekend, with an expected forty thousand people to attend.