Funding to help restore Māori poet's creative haven

By Online News - Rereātea
  • South Island
Dr	   Noel	   Waite,	   Chair,	   Tuwhare	   Trust,	   Sir	   Edward	   Ellison,	   Ngai	   Tahu,	   Governor	   General	   and	   Tuwhare	    Trust	   Patron	   Sir	   Jerry	   Mateparae,	   Jeanette	   Wikaira,	   Tuwhare	   Trustee,	   Rob	   Tuwhare,	   Trustee	   and	   Hone	    Tuwhare’s	   son	   at	   the	   Tuwhare	   Crib,	   Kaka	   Point,	   Balclutha,	   November	   9,	   2014.	   Photo	   by	   Sharron	    Bennett.	   	   

Photo caption: Dr Noel Waite, Chair, Tuwhare Trust, Sir Edward Ellison, Ngāi Tahu, Governor General Sir Jerry Mateparae, Jeanette Wikaira, Tuwhare Trustee, Rob Tuwhare, Hone Tūwhare's son. Photo by Sharron Bennett.

The Lottery World War One Commemorations, Environment and Heritage Committee has awarded $100,000 to The Hone Tuwhare Charitable Trust. The funds will go towards the restoration of Māori poet Hone Tūwhare's crib in South Otago. 

The Trust was established to preserve, promote and celebrate Tūwhare's legacy, with the initial focus to establish the residency in his Kaka Point crib- the first to be hosted in the home of a Māori writer. 

Tūwhare's son, Rob Tūwhare and other members of the Trust began repairing the crib in February of this year in the hope that it would eventually become a writer and artist's creative retreat.

Chairman of the Trust, Noel Waite is grateful for the funds.

"The Trust is delighted that, with the support of the Lotteries, we can preserve Hone's former home as a vital first step in developing a new writers' and artists' residency."

The crib is said to be a place where Tuwhare felt solace and peace. It was here he wrote his last work.

Rob says he wants to keep the building as it was when his father lived there and not like a museum.  

Tūwhare, known as "the people's poet" was a renowned Māori artists and poet.  His best-known early work included poetry collection No Ordinary Sun, which he published in 1964.

In 2003 he was named one of New Zealand's greatest living artists.

He was the recipient of many awards and fellowships, including the Te Mata Poet Laureate and honourary doctorates from the universities of Otago and Auckland. 

The Trust has also commissioned a Conservation Report to guide the repair of the crib. In 2014 Trust patron and Governor General, Sir Jerry Mateparae, ceremonially turned the soil.

Hone Tuwhare died in 2008, aged 82.