Free smoke-free programme for the West Coast

By Online News - Rereātea
  • North Island: West Coast

With the price of tobacco set to rise in the New Year, Oranga Ha – Tai Poutini are giving West Coasties an excuse to fight the habit with a free intensive and personalized smokefree support programme.

Gail McLauchlan says, “There’s hundreds of people on the Coast who want to save money and improve their health by quitting for good. At New Year’s there’s always an additional peak in the numbers who want to quit and we’re here to help them achieve their goal.”

According to research eight out of ten people who smoke wish they had never started and six out of the ten have tried to give it up in the last five years.

“For a 20-a-day smoker, quitting could save you and your family an extra $175 a week. That’s a tank of petrol or a chunk of your weekly grocery bill.”

Oranga Ha – Tai Poutini is a custom-made service to suit whatever works best for the individual.

McLauchlan explains they meet with the individual for a one on one discussion to set up their personalized programme and to set goals to help them become smoke-free.

“Once we’ve got a quit date we work intensively with them to help them achieve their goal and stay smoke-free.”

Giving up smoking can be a challenge but with the right support, you can beat the habit.

“We know giving up smoking can be hard but there’s clear evidence that having the right support makes you much more likely to be successful.”

The programme not only offers face to face support but clients can access free Nicotine Replacement, Therapy patches gum and lozenges.

To start your smokefree journey with Oranga Ha - Tai Poutini go to or phone 0800 456121.