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Former Māori TV presenter laid to rest

  • Auckland

Former Māori Television presenter Victor Taurewa Biddle was laid to rest today after passing away from an illness on Monday.

The 50-year-old was known to audiences as a presenter on the ground-breaking Māori Television show, Takatāpui. It was the world's first indigenous gay, lesbian and transgender series.

Known for his tā moko, he often modeled and even featured on magazine covers. Biddle used his life experiences to help other gay men.

His Takatāpui co-presenter, Ramon Te Wake, says Biddle could look intimidating, but deep down he was a “big softie”.

“He’s a staunch Tuhoe boy. Lots of people were intimidated by him physically. That was just superficial. As soon as he connected with you, he was the most down to earth, very sweet and a beautiful man. He called a spade a spade, and there are not many people who do that,” Te Wake says.

Biddle’s tangi was held today at Tauarau Marae in Ruatoki.