Topic: Business

Florist apologises for Valentines Day failure

By Talisa Kupenga
  • Auckland

The Auckland Florist that failed to deliver a number of Valentine's Day orders is delivering an apology. Although 50,000 red rose stems left Tomuri and Co on its busiest day of the year a number of valentines were left upset and empty handed.

Sarah Allen was one of 40 customers who missed their Tomuri & Co Valentine's Day delivery.

Sarah Allen says, "So nothing turned up throughout the whole day. It was incredibly disappointing, because he tried so hard to organise something. You know the buzz of everyone going 'oh look at your beautiful flowers' and making a fuss in the office, it was just really disappointing to not get that again."

Allen's flowers, which were also supposed to mark her 20-year wedding anniversary, arrived the next day. She says they were in poor condition. Tomuri and Co says it's delivery system let them down and it tried to troubleshoot this on the day.

Ratahi Tomuri, Director says, "The volume of orders exceeded the capacity of our couriers to take in and we had to make alternative arrangements to take the bulk of the orders delivered on the day. We're so sorry that many of them missed their deliveries. Some of our florists were delivering until 11-o'clock that night."

Allen says attempts to seek a refund have so far been unsuccessful. Tomuri says they are contacting each customer individually to discuss a refund or other options.

Tomuri says, "We appreciate the feedback we get back and the only way that we can rectify the mistakes is if we know what people are thinking and we can put measures in place to make sure these things don't happen again."

There are only two florist delivery companies for Auckland. Next year Tomuri says he will source his own to avoid this situation.