Topic: Welfare

Extra dollars could be wasted

By Tema Hemi
  • Auckland

In the country's largest city Auckland, one budget advisor says despite the extra dollars in families pockets, without the right budget advice, those dollars could be wasted. 

It's expected that children at Te Kōhanga Reo o Te Arapeta will benefit from new government funding.

But kaiako Shane Aramoana says it might not be enough for families here.

He says, "It's up to the individual in the way they spend money, but if you think about those who are less fortunate that may not like the package the government has released, I think about them."

Aramoana says that extra costs in Auckland like the regional petrol tax burden families even more.

He also says, "At the end of the day what are we to do? If the government have decided to enforce this, we cant make it right."

Denise Smith from the Papakura Budgeting Service has 700 clients on the books. She says the petrol tax will hit hard.

She also says, "We're looking at the petrol increases which are going to impact all sorts of different areas of the economy aren't they, because it's not just about the petrol pumps it's going to be food cost, all the transport and deliveries."

Smith says that people need to be better equipped with budget advice to ensure money is spent in the right places. She says single people will be the worst off.

There isn't a great deal for them and they do quite often struggle with the high housing cost, food cost, they're the ones we see struggle most.

Smith hopes the government-funded agencies like her's to help families make better decisions around their money.