Easy victory predicted for Tuilaepa

By Ripeka Timutimu
  • Wellington

A Samoan broadcaster is predicting a landslide win in the Samoan General Elections by incumbent Samoan Prime Minister Auelua Tuilaepa. Samoa is heading to the polls today for the country's general election. In Wellington, Capital Radio Samoa is getting ready for the results. 

The results aren't in yet, but Capital Radio Samoa are predicting a landslide win for incumbent Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi.

“Auelua has been quoted as saying he has already won 26 seats out of 49 seats of Parliament than obviously he will be there,” says radio announcer Afamasaga Telua Moresi.

Midway through a 12-hour broadcast of the Samoan General Election, Moresi says Samoans in NZ want to know the latest, “The Samoans here are very proud to be here but also they are very attached to their families back home so big events like 5 year election, we go out of our way to provide that information to listeners.”

116,000 people have registered to vote in this year's election, with five of the 49 seats in Parliament guaranteed to women.

“I think Samoa should be congratulated in allowing that quota for women I think it’s a smart move and brave for a Pacific Island nation given that historically the man has been the head of the family,” says Moresi.

Malielegaoi has been an MP for 36 years, PM for 18 and if he wins again, he will be the longest serving PM their country has ever seen.

“Most of the things he's done for the country I think it’s the best, if you look like how he changed the dateline, thats a huge change. Driving on the other side of the road, and lots of people argued about it, but for me I thought it was the best change for Samoa,” says Moresi.

Provisional results from across the country are expected to be completed later tonight.