Earthquake hits Wellington region

  • Wellington

Wellington residents got a late night jolt last night after a 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck 30 kilometres east of the city.

The quake occurred at around 10:43 last night and was measured at 6 kilometres deep which was registered as strong by GeoNet.

Wellington residents took to social media following the quake.

The quake follows the national New Zealand ShakeOut campaign which took place last week established to prepare New Zealanders for earthquakes.

According to the website over 1.36 million people took part in the event and shared videos and photos of them following the recommended procedures during and following an earthquake.

The New Zealand ShakeOut website outlines, “Everyone, everywhere should know the right action to take before, during and after an earthquake. All of New Zealand is prone to earthquakes. You could be anywhere when an earthquake strikes – at home, at work, at school, or on holiday. “